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Creative Brief

Who are you?

JLA FIT is a personal training business, founded and run by Jesse La Forgia, one of Manhattan's most qualified and successful personal fitness trainers. JLA FIT is all about providing unbelievable results for people looking to get fit fast. JLA FIT uses a prescriptive training technique so clients reach their individual goals. Every client gets their own workout regimen, specially designed by Jesse. Prescriptive training, where each workout is designed to challenge each client with each workout, delivers immediate success and long term results.

What do you need?

JLA FIT needs a corporate logo that exudes strength and power. Nothing warm and fuzzy here. The logo will be used on our website, business cards, stationary, etc. as well as products like athletic gear (t shirts, shorts, etc.). Clients must be proud to wear the logo, so it must also translate well to the athletic gear.

Who Is Your Audience?

We have a dual audience:
1. young athletes, 15-22, who are looking for one-on-one prescriptive sports training in football, basketball, etc.
2. adults, 21+, who are looking to get fit fast. Professionals who have busy lives and not a lot of time (those in finance, media & advertising, technology, for example) who value personal service and attention.


We Like These Examples

www.underarmour.com - simple corporate logo. recognizable, unisex, young and old appeal

www.mantishockey.com this logo is very cool. could work for young and old, projects strength.

www.tapout.com - this logo is edgy, but not too edgy. could be used by itself, or with design embellishments on gear.

We Absolutely Must Have

logo must have JLA FIT in all caps. colors should be strong, saturated, no pastels or soft colors please. It must be legible as JLA FIT, no tricky visuals. Prescriptive training is straightforward and hard. The logo should exude that.



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