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Caffeine shampoo (patented formula) naming and logo brief

Hithanks for checking out my brief! I put this brief together in Q&A format to try to help you understand our goals.

What is the goal of this creative?

I am inviting you to create an awesome name and logo that captures the essence and personality of our mens caffeine shampoo product and proposition. With your great name and logo, the end goal will be to develop a brand around this logo to draw interest in our patented caffeine shampoo formula that strengthens mens hair.


What insight drives this brief?

The Problem

Mens hair is often weak and thinning; this is NOT cool! Men are not ok with the fact that their hair is weak and thinning, but they want a solution that is fun, socially acceptable (something socially buoyant and fun, not secretive and medical) and isnt overly complicated.

Solution (written in the personality of the product)

Give your scalp a kick in the ass with the power of caffeine! (or coffee). Get your morning cup of joe in the shower with Java Joes Shampoo (name is just a placeholder, the name is up to you!) FYI (technically), this kick in the ass is increased blood flow that stimulates hair follicles for improved follicular (hair) health.


Who is our target audience & their media consumption?

Men (Age 25-49, HH income: $50,000 - $100,000) who are involved in grooming, open to using male grooming products, but need to be convinced and influenced by a product that is friendly enough and speaks in a fun and social way to their cosmetic needs.

They currently use unisex shampoo brands such as Suave Naturals, Pantene, H&S, Tresemme, Fructis, and Got2B. Other products that they use on their hair are combination offerings (i.e. Old Spice Hair & Bodywash) that are common in the mens bodywash aisle.

What do they think and do now? (in relation to our brand and its product category)

Think: I realize my hair is getting worse and worse, but Im not going to seek out and pay a lot for special help with products that are medical and scary. I just use stuff that is one the shelves from major brands b/c this is probably the best I can do without getting obsessive about things.

Feel: I dont like seeking out something special as if I have a serious problem.

Do: Use whatever is in the shower (wife or girlfriends shampoo)

What would we like them to think and do in response to this Java Joes*?

Think: Ok, ok, I guess this makes sense that caffeine could give my hair a swift kick in the ass and its pretty damn funny also. I actually like the idea of getting my caffeine in the shower also if it helps wake up my stubborn and weak scalp I would love it! Java Joes* clearly doesnt take itself too seriously (nor do I), so I wouldnt be embarrassed to have my wife, girlfriends, or room mates to see that in my shower.

Do: Try Java Joes* shampoo. *again, name is up to you

What are the competitive ads?

Please search on youtube for numerous old spice, Gilette, and other competitive ads to see what they are doing. A few examples are below--



Old Spice



Feel free to be creative, but if you want to bring some of our favorite ideas to life that we have to date-they are **a guy with his head covered in a "fro" of coffee beans.."give your scalp a wake up call!"

we also thought about


1) a logo

2) a killer name & slogan if possible

3) the graphic of the shampoo bottle with the logo and the brand imagery on it

What cool ideas could you bring to life? What are some areas of inspiration?

Our favorite to date is a macho guy (see Old Spice ads) that has a fro of coffee beans on his head. This could be on the bottle with the killer name, slogan, and other imagery. Feel free to take creative license with a shampoo bottle that is unique and different in comparison to what is on shelves at stores now.

Another idea is having the whole proposition around an actual cup of coffee. We thought about Java Joes mens coffee shampoo plus a slogan give your weak scalp a wake up call!...Javas Joes shampoo with caffeine. This packaging could even be in the form of a typical to-go coffee cup. Please think about it having some degree of functionality however, as it still has to be applied (likely squeezed?) to be used as a shampoo in the shower.



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