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Itza Mitzva is a project supported by ROI120.com and that lauched in a Chicago coffee shop two years ago. Once a month a small group meets with a rabbi from a reform synagogue and studies a different mitzva or commandment.

The goal of the program is to give 20-30-something, liberal Jews a chance for serious study in a progressive context. Members are typically active in the Reform movement and the conversations take place in coffee shops and lounges.

For Itza Mitzva to grow, people need to be able to have the conversations with or without a rabbi present, so this logo will be used on a website and in print on the study sheets that are used to guide the conversation.

The logo will be used on study sheets, online and in promotional materials.

The target audience is dual. The 20-30-somethings Jews that are getting together to study and rabbis that will pass the information along to groups in their synagogue. Primary audience is the 20/30s liberal Jew.

Full explanation of project: http://leahj.blog-city.com/looking_for_c...

Keep in mind that it will also always be presented with the logo from www.roi120.com, because of the partnership. I don't want the logo to be derivative of their logo, but I do want it to have simplicity and use of a Jewish symbol. Since ROI120 uses a Star of David, the Itza Mitzva logo should use a different symbol or the letters should be an interpretation of a Jewish symbol.

However, if you have a great design with words only and no symbols, I will consider it.



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