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ITR is the acronym for "International Time Recorder," the name of our company. ITR was founded in 1965 and is a developer of employee time-keeping software systems.

ITR has a long history with 15,000+ customers. Historically the company sold mechanical 'punch clocks' with paper time cards; since the early 80's our focus has been on selling software solutions with electronic data collection devices to bring employee time and labor activities into our application, for managing and reporting purposes. The software application we sell is called TimeZone (TM) and schedules employee, tracks employee attendance, labor allocation, accruals, etc., and interfaces with Payroll, HR and other back-end office systems. The software can be purchased and installed internally as well as accessed online through a web browswer as an "on demand" application.

We are looking to refresh our image with a new logo. The logo would be used on our corporate website, software application, printed collateral, packaging/stickers/CD lables, signage, clothing, etc.

Our current logo features a maple leaf but we would like to discontinue this, as it clearly identifies us as Canadian and we are moving towards competing on a global scale. The original logo was all red; the current logo is blue with the red maple leaf but we are open to suggestions. We want to appear as fresh and innovative.

Our target audience is HR, Payroll and Finance professionals, typically mid-30's to mid-50's.



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