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I need an one IPhone icon / logo for an application that allows you to sync a clip (text or image) between your IPhone and your desktop over Wi-Fi. Once the clip is in either the desktop or the IPhone's clipboard, the user is free to paste it in other applications.

The icon / logo must have a paper clip plus any other element(s) that you can come up with, for

example a double headed arrow or a Wi-Fi symbol to convey the "sync" aspect of the application.

Or a synchronize symbol such as http://www.iconfinder.net/icondetails/27... . A backgroundless RSS symbol (the dot with the 2 waves) might be good instead.

I prefer white or light gray backgrounds and the paper clip color must be preferably silver, otherwise gray.

Preferably the paper clip is an actual photo of a real clip.

I rather NOT have a clipboard graphic in the logo, I think this is a bit overused.

I will need the icon in the following PNG sizes, with no glossy or round effects:

512 x 512

57 x 57

29 x 29




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