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Creative Brief

Who are you?

We are a nonprofit organization, created and directed by a Board of Directors conformed by well-known business leaders, that generate initiatives of business action - that is to say, initiatives that involve businesses as actors-, to contribute to the development of the national business and educational environment.

Current initiatives
1. Business School
. To develop the spirit and enterprising capacity in professionals and businessmen.
. To accompany them on the initial stages of their enterprises so that they could manage to become dynamic undertakings.
. To promote the discussion and proposals of public policies of issues that have impact in the business sector (forums, annual conferences).
3. Successful Schools
. To involve socially responsible corporations in the financing of the improvement of rural education through the implementation of an efficient management of schools model.
4. Strategic Studies Center
. To promote strategic thought in the business sector.
. To analyze current themes and tendencies that directly affect or can affect the business sector in present and future.

What do you need?

A new logo

Who Is Your Audience?

Audiences and what for do we speak to them:
1. Leaders of the corporate sector (owners or managers of large and medium-size corporations)
Call them to the action by:
. participating ad-honorem in the management of IPAE
. financing or sponsoring the initiatives developed by IPAE
. acting as mentors of entrepreneurs or SME
. being successful models of good entrepreneurial practices
. promoting the development of better capacities in its staff that will improve the competitiveness of businesses

2. Entrepreneurs of SME
. To invite them to improve their business capacities through our educational offering
. To offer them business services that accompany them in the initial stages of their enterprises

3. People wich would like to undertake a business and people with technical or university studies graduated or unfinished (from 18 to 60 years)
. To invite them to develop business competences through our educational offering
. To offer business services for the ones that intend to undertake their own business

4. High school students (grade 12th)
. To invite them to develop business competences through our careers

5. Public sector
. To present our proposals of public policies
. To be a reference on entrepreneurial issues

6. General public
. To show our initiatives and their impact in the national, educational, and business environments


We Like These Examples

the ones in which the isotype is so representative that can finally stand alone and represent the brand (like Toyota, Volkswagen)

We Absolutely Must Have

legibility, a modern image



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