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Better Living through Healthier Eating

We believe people will eat healthier if they have a little support and a lot of ideas: tasty ingredients that are easy to use, and recipes that the entire family will enjoy. We also believe that healthier eating leads to better livinggiving us more energy for our kids, our spouses, and ourselves. Thats why were starting a nutritious revolution, and we need your help!

We offer unique, nutritious, whole-food ingredients that can easily be added to or replace something in our favorite recipes. Since most of us arent getting the nutrients we need, one way to look at our products is Culinary Supplements and you enjoy ours on a plate, not in a pill.

Our web site is http://www.thehealthypantry.com

A simple logo that inspires confidence and communicates an essence of what we do or how we do it.

Women, age 30-49, with children, who are looking for healthier and convenient meals and ingredients.

Simplicity of logo from: www.leviv.com

Familiarity of of Oprah magazine's logo: http://www.oprah.com/magazine/omagazine

Sensibility of logo from Women's Health Magazine: www.womenshealthmag.com



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