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Industry Networker is the free networking portal connecting entertainment industries worldwide.

www.industrynetworker.com combines the film, television, theatre, music, radio, comedy and dance industries with job postings, profile pages, social networking, an industry database and more. It is for anyone involved in entertainment and launches next month.

We are unhappy with our current logo.

Please see the attached jpegs-

- a mock up of the home page

- plus the current logo


Think funky rather than corporate, retro rather than modern.

We of course want something eye catching, instantly recognisable and easy to read.

Something we can use on ALL our branding- business cards and possible merchandise (t-shirts, caps etc) as well as every page on the current site- of which there will be many!

Something clean and simple, but new and fresh (not asking for much are we?!!)

Now although we wish you to reference the current logo and home page mock up, we are looking for:

a.) A new, refreshed version of the current logo


b.) Something based loosely around the concept and feel of the current logo


c.) A brand spanking new logo we havent imagined yet!

You decide.

I clearly know what I like, but Im not a designer, so pleaseGO NUTS!

NOTE: we are open to logos that seem to suggest a bit of showbiz without being blatant OR logos that are simply eye catching and have no reference to entertainment all. Totally up to you!


a.) Even though its a site for the entertainment industry- were not keen on any specific film, theatre or music graphics within the design. However, we are not adverse to the idea of a neon or signage look, light shining onto the logo or a logo that lights up if you know what I mean.

b.) Any speech bubble icons- the most over used logo idea on the web at the moment!

c.) A bit of gloss or reflection is ok, but not overly glossy.

d.) No clip art, obviously.



Please ONLY use the colour combinations of orange, primary red, white, grey or black. However, NOT all of them together- that is the problem with our current logo- too busy with too much going on!

We are particularly keen on the bright orange colour we have used on the home page (not in the current logo)- and would love to see it used in the logo- but totally your creative decision.

Note: The orange colour used on the home page was taken from the Barbican.com link below- please stick to that exact orange (See Barbican.com reference) or very similar.


The current top of the page design of box shapes with words and industry pictures will stay basically as is, so the new logo will need to look good next to it (in place of the current logo.) So please keep the current top of the page in mind when creating your design. Please also take into account the look of the home page mock up as a whole.


Please only use the words industry networker. You may include the word in in some way also- as it will be used throughout the site i.e join in, invite your friends, inspire others etc.


FONT- We have used the Cookie or Cooper Black font in our current logo. We do still like the retro look and feel of the font, but are of course totally open to others or combinations.

LETTERING- We are particularly keen on the use of all lowercase lettering (especially with the word in)- but its also up to you.


Please design with the tag line-

networking for the entertainment industry


where the entertainment industry mingle

We havent decided which tag to use yet, but it will always be shown with the logo and the word entertainment should stand out in some way.

DESIGN REFERENCES- You May Wish to View:

A website we like- clean, simple look but still funky:


NOTE: please use the orange colour from the above site (or very similar orange) - as it is what we have used in our final site spec.

Heres the retro style logo our design was based on (but didnt quite manage to pull off) Abigails Party:


We hope the specificity of the brief shall be a help rather than a hindrance to your design ideas!

Many Thanks.



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