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A indie feature film and tv production company


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creativity, innovation, quality, uniqueness, nostaliga


(Our name is Thunderbolt without the vowels.) We love lightningbolts. We also love vintage industrial labels, old hollywood studio logos, the 1940s, stars, constellations, the 1980's, nostalgic films of the 80s and 90s, old camera logos, and detective or FBI font from the 1950's. We prefer black and gold, but we are open to other colors. Think David Bowie walking into a hipster coffee shop in Brooklyn. More straightlines then swirls. We liken our movie style to A24 or Annapurna. So think unique edgy indie film with heart and depth. We might want to turn the logo into a motiongraphic someday like the Paramount logo or RKO. We also like pairing vintage and modern. We want this logo to look as good on paper as it would on the screen. Clean lines, but still interesting. We love ads from the 50's and 1980s/90s VHS covers. We like vintage neon movie signs and 80s tv sets. We really dig Third Man Records style. We love creative uses of typeography. We like neon, old vhs tapes, camcorders, super 8 cameras.



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