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I help small businesses and entrepreneurs create engaging presentations and polished marketing materials using storytelling and data. Through presentation development, marketing collateral creation services, online courses and off-the-shelf templates I am on a mission to make business presentations less boring. I'm a presentation specialist and marketing guru. I create compelling content and cohesive marketing materials to tell a client’s story through a concise, polished and data driven narrative. I believe that business doesn’t have to be synonymous with boring and professional does not have to mean stuffy. You can be approachable and poised at the same time, and I can help you find that balance. I help clients to create smart, authentic communications and serve as a resource to educate small business owners and entrepreneurs on marketing trends and presentation best practices.


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Cait Raimondo (can also use CR Marketing or just CR if you have an idea that works better with either of those variations)

Top 3 Things

the idea of storytelling first and foremost, sophistication/polished & the fact that I'm approachable through clean layouts and easily digestible content


Any time I've envisioned this, my name is in black with any imagery in green. I'm not committed to that, but I do think it has a clean look. Does not have to be my full name (i.e. could be CR Marketing or just my initials if you've got a cool idea that incorporates the idea of storytelling using just initials or the CR Marketing option). I've thrown around the idea of incorporating a book into the logo as well or some other graphic that illustrates the idea of storytelling.

Additional Info

I have the license for the following fonts: https://creativemarket.com/WornOutMedia/... & https://creativemarket.com/jenwagnerco/2... (I've attached the files for Little Bestseller as an example....you definitely do not have to use, just thought I would include - reach out if you want access to one of them for this project!). My website currently uses Libre Baskerville...in my mind my name is in a script font, but I'm open to anything. Above all I'd like it to be clean, easy to read and polished/professional so if that's easier to accomplish with a serif or sans serif I'm OK with that. I'd like to be able to use this logo in the header of an invoice or on my website as well as a secondary version to use on social media, etc. Would be terrific to get the winning logo in an editable format (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) to create alternate logos. Because I think it's important that your logo represents you, here's what I'm known for: Rolling up my sleeves (both literally and figuratively), my two little boys, cheating on my diet, having a book in my purse, putting ice cubes in my wine, collecting enormous coffee mugs and gaining new freckles with each sunny day.



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