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Creative Brief

Who are you?

Idle Hands Craft Ales is a newly developed Boston-based nanobrewery specializing in handcrafted Belgian style beer. Our product is a yet-to-be-introduced high-end, limited release beer product. The beer will be designed to pair well with food by nature of the beer styles selected for production.

We are different from other breweries in our size, focus and location. Unlike other microbreweries, our nanobrewery production is much smaller (1 barrel versus 7 or 10 barrels) at a time. While there is a resurgence of craft breweries in the New England region, many of them do not have a specific focus on a beer style like Idle Hands will have. Our focus will be on Belgian beers which tend to be more complex and flavorful. These beer styles are known to be paired well with food to complement the flavors. Finally, the combination of being a Boston-based brewery with a focus on producing Belgian beers positions us with a unique offering that can satisfy both the growing locavore and foodie movements combined.

Although the company name is derived from the proverb Idle hands are the devils playground, the intent on the brewery and beer will be on the playfulness and whimsy of mischievousness versus anything satanic, evil or religious in nature.

The brewery incorporates best practices in sustainability where possible (e.g. recycled papers, recycled grains, water, operational efficiency, etc.) but does this authentically and organically, not as means of greenwash.

What do you need?

Idle Hands Craft Ales needs to develop an overall look and feel for its brand identity. What we are ultimately looking for is:
Idle Hands Craft Ales logo
Idle Hands Craft Ales logo with the name Idle Hands
Idle Hands Craft Ales logo with the name Idle Hands and subtext Craft Ales

We are in need of a logo to represent the parent company/brand of beers. The logo should speak to the quality, uniqueness and handcrafted nature of the product. As a new beer among a crowded, fragmented space, the logo needs to capture the consumers visual and mental interest both in a bar (e.g. via tap handles, glasses) and retail environment (imagine a shelf full of well-known beers and how this beer/brand will stand out). The logo will be incorporated into the following:
Bottle labels: 750ml Belgian-style bottles that are corked and caged (similar to champagne)
Packaging: Bottle caps (for cage-corked bottles) and cases
Tap Handles
Glassware: Belgian-style tulip and tear drop glasses, possibly shaker style pint glasses
Digital media: website, email, Facebook fan page, etc.
Printed collateral: Business cards, letterhead, invoices, coasters, etc.
Merchandise: t-shirts, hats, polos, stickers, etc.

Who Is Your Audience?

Our audience includes both our consumers and customers.

The consumer is a man or woman who is passionate about good tasting beer: a beer connoisseur and/or craft beer enthusiast. The beer is designed to pair well with food (aka is food-friendly) and will appeal to both foodies and locavores as well.

Our target consumer is likely between the ages of 23 60. S/he has time to experience more than the standard Coors Light, Amstel Light and Heineken, and has developed more refined tastes in his/her palette. To these individuals, drinking beer is not just a means to get drunk. S/he enjoys a good meal and an even better beverage. S/he is likely educated and has a reasonable amount of disposable income to try new restaurants, drinks and travel. By nature, this individual is somewhat of an explorer s/he is curious by nature. S/he probably already buys craft beers such as Sierra Nevada or Dogfish Head.

Our customers include Boston-area restaurants that focus on sourcing locally for their menu. These restaurants are favored by locals because they offer standard food options coupled with specials that capitalize on what is fresh and local for the season. These restaurants also tend to have a well thought-out wine and beer list that pairs well with the food they offer. The beer list includes some general favorites (e.g. Sam Adams or Harpoon) but also include some more unique brands or special bottles. The owners of these restaurants feel that it is important to offer not only fresh, but locally-grown/raised and sourced options.

Beer bars are another potential customer for Idle Hands. The Boston market has always had a strong penchant for beer and there are many bars that have become the go-to places for a wide variety of beers. The owners of these bars appreciate having a wide variety of beers which includes some of the latest and unique beer offerings. They are also some of the first places where New England locally-produced beers are introduced to the wider public audience.

Another direct customer includes the higher end local beer retailer. The store owners in these cases offers more than the typical mainstream wine and beers. They know they can get a certain type of customer in their store who wants to try something special or new. These stores understand that building out a wide selection of beer includes offering local and Belgian beer options. They often offer tastings of wine/beer to customers to show that they are always offering a new and unique selection and are the go-to place for finding something special or new.

Finally, the corner grocery store will also be a target customer. These are the smaller stores which offer fresh vegetables, fruits, meats or cheese on a regular basis. These stores offer convenience and freshness to the local market but because they cannot compete against the larger chains on price, they may offer a specialty selection of food and beverage. Selling into these stores will be opportunistic once the nearby restaurants begin to carry Idle Hands and local customers begin to ask for it by name.


We Like These Examples

We appreciate the branding of Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project (http://www.prettythingsbeertoday.com/sit...). They seem to capture whimsical and playful in a mature way.

We also like Goose Island's Belgian line of beers (www.gooseisland.com, view Belgian style beers). Notice the simplicity and elegance of the goose logo silhouette surrounded by the words Goose Island.

We Absolutely Must Have

We would like our brand logo aesthetic to incorporate the following concepts:
Reference to mischievousness as in the quote: idle hands are the devils playground
Whimsical and playful - in a mature manner (cannot advertise alcohol to children!)
Eye-catching - logo should be able to stand alone and be recognizable if that is the only thing on a beer tap
Clean and simple
No use of Comic Sans font
Avoid any similarity to Left Hand Brewing Companys logo (http://lefthandbrewing.blogspot.com/) to avoid any trade dress infringement



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