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Our logo needs some tinkering.

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Fresh and original ideas are welcome, but the monetary award is set for an edit, tinker, or upgrade to the existing logo (due mainly to budget constraints).

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Were a marketing agency with a broad scope of strategic services for business-to-business (specifically in technology components). However, while the company specializes in contemporary branding processes and Internet strategy, its theme and message are decidedly old fashioned with a touch of get-your-hands-dirty. Please visit www.nutboltandpixel.com to grasp the identity of the business.

Ironically, logo development has been the most difficult piece of our own start-up process. As seasoned marketers we know the importance of unique positioning and a clean, easily reproducible yet memorable logo. We wanted a combination of history and grit, without clever or contemporary elementssomething that might actually have been seen on a U.S. sign or handbill >50 years ago. So we went to several of our design partners to help develop our look. Alas, we just couldnt draw out the perfect solution.

We do like what we ended up with, but we know there is room for improvement or more historical effect. So when we discovered the diverse talent pool on this site last week we thought this would be a great place to get a fresh perspective.

Please note: we are great admirers of the work and artists at Letterhead Fonts (www.letterheadfonts.com). After testing at least a dozen typeface options via Letterhead, the Nut, Bolt & Pixel logo was designed with the Bulldog font (Antimony from MyFonts is the tagline font). We cannot share these fonts legally, but we can share our logo converted-to-curves.

As for corporate collateral, Nut, Bolt & Pixel materials will almost always be artificially aged to a colorless or sepia tonemeaning one-color black ink is fine. However, in the future we may use a color version of the logolikely in gold/brown/brick hues.

Our trademarked company tagline is Practical Marketing in the Digital Age. It can be simplified to Practical Marketing but should remain a part of the logo either way.

Corporate materials as-is can be pulled from:



Thank you for your consideration of this logo improvement project. Vector required.



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