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3Flow is a leader in the systemic analysis, testing and implementation of optimal airflow systems for lab and mixed use facilities.

3Flow engineers airflow to improve safety, reduce waste and enable predictably better science.

Our target audience includes senior executives, health and safety officers, facilities managers and researchers.


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Top 3 Things

1. 3Flow is a serious, mature and experienced company.
2. The concept of air flow. Everything we do stems from a more rigorous approach to controlling airflow within a building/facility.
3. The name 3Flow comes from the idea that our approach to airflow management has three primary benefits -- safety, reduction of waste and predictably better science.
Safety: If the airflow isn't correct, you can literally kill people, or cause explosions/fire.
Reduction of Waste: airflow is responsible for ~70% of the power cost of running a lab. Managing airflow correctly can reduce power consumption by half, so this is a very eco-friendly/green thing to do.
Predictably better science: if you aren't controlling the environment you do your experiments in, you won't get consistent results. Erratic or hard to reproduce lab results are almost always caused by poor environmental control, and the #1 factor in environmental control is airflow.

It may be difficult in incorporate #3. We want this logo to be iconic, not "busy".


The ideal logo should work at a variety of sizes and in both black and white or color.

Simple and iconic is preferred over complex, unless complex works really well.

Our business *literally* helps save lives. Please do not use any fonts or iconography that are light-hearted, cartoonish, or otherwise flippant. Looking at you, comic sans...

Additional Info

Again, to emphasize, this is a serious business that has to present as mature, responsible and reliable. This is a brand you can literally trust with your life.

We are looking for a memorable and iconic logo that can be used in all the usual places (online, print etc) but also on equipment and products.

The company's founder is a fan of the University of North Carolina Tarheels, who use a specific shade of blue (see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carolina_b... While this color is probably not suitable for a logo, you should consider how it may be used as part of a final color pallete e.g. as an accent color in a print sheet.



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