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Hilltop of Hope is a new business enterprise developed by Sugar Creek Baptist Church members to rescue and restore the lives of women and children held captive in modern day slavery in the ____ India red-light district. The women and children are set free through the Gospel ministry, then rescued and placed in a safe place where restorative ministry of grace rebuilds their lives. They are empowered in the Hilltop of Hope sewing centers in India and Nepal where they learn a valuable trade, life skills, and coaching to make disciples. The high quality handbags, hand-made by these disciples are sold in the U. S. and fund the entire ministry, while providing fair-trade income for front-line disciple makers in India and Nepal. Hilltop of Hope is more than a handbag...it's a restored life.


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Hilltop of Hope

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There is hope in the darkest times. There is a life of dignity awaiting these women. The church will fight for their freedom.


The winning logo looks hopeful. It looks good in color and black and white. It communicates freedom and hope, but it doesn't have "breaking chains, or anything violent. It will look dignified, and evoke compassion. It may have a cross, but not necessarily so.

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The following link is to Purnaa, a partner that shares a similar vision as we do: https://www.purnaa.com/about.
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