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In the past decade, non-Valley Venture Capital Communities have leveraged Business Incubators to accelerate and attract early-stage start-ups. Leaders in this include:

- TechStars (Boulder / Boston)...http://www.techstars.org

- Capital Factory (Austin)...http://www.capitalfactory.com

- Y:Combinator (Mountain View)...http://ycombinator.com

- Alpha Labs (Pittsburgh)...http://www.alphalab.org

Most, if not all, of these Incubators focus on scalable technology and web service start-ups. While the companies may have a B2C angle, no incubators in the country are specifically focused on Consumer Marketing.

The Brandery will fill this gap in the marketplace. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, The Brandery will be a Consumer Marketing Venture Accelerator that provides support for start-ups and entrepreneurs in fun, collaborative environment.

The Brandery name came from several inspirations. For starters, it plays off the wording of where things are made. For instance, beer is made in a brewery, wine at winery, etc. The Brandery is where brands will be made. Second, Cincinnati has an amazing heritage in brewing (http://www.otrbrewerydistrict.org/) and The Brandery will likely be based in one of these turn of the century brewery buildings. Third, Cincinnati is the birthplace of brands including companies like Procter & Gamble (Tide, Olay, Pampers), Macy's Departments Stores, and Kroger.

To further play off this imagery, the tagline for The Brandery will be "Tap your idea." We are open to other taglines but this is our lead option.

And we promise to be engaged buyers throughout this process. We know that all of you are putting lots of hard work into coming up with these designs and you have our promise that we will provide timely and constructive feedback throughout.


We are looking for a logo that will serve as the center of brand positioning and brand image. It needs to be a clean, crisp, distinctive logo that can be easily resized and used in a variety of situations (on a website, on business cards, on promotional materials). In other words, it needs to work in flat colors when we use the logo in multiple places.

We have a strong interest in having a graphical element as part of the logo that can stand on its own as a signature of The Brandery.

Our tagline of "Tap Your Idea" would ideally be used in the logo...or at least shown how it would be included in a lock-up of the logo.

Fonts used in the logo should be easily reproduced. We are not looking for blurred / distressed fonts that would be difficult to use in "non-digital environments" such as business cards, signage or clothing.

We want our logo to live at the "intersection" of web 2.0 and corporate brands. We aren't looking for a logo that is distinctly "web 2.0" (you know the style) but at the same time, we dont want a logo that is stuffy, "corporate" or "packaged goods."

Other companies in our area include the incubators mentioned above such Dogpatch Labs (dogpatchlabs.com/) and TechStars (www.techstars.org)


Our target audience is first-time entrepreneurs and start-ups who are looking for support in starting their company. We need a logo that inspires creativity and energy.

Additionally, we want to be attractive to potential mentors and leading digital companies (Twitter, Google, etc) who may be partners in the venture.


Logos that we like are:

- Play Greenhouse (http://www.playgreenhouse.com/) - solid graphical element

- Pyramid Breweries (http://designreviver.com/wp-content/uplo...) - Great colors and strong font

- Kogi BBQ (http://kogibbq.com/) - Font really plays off the heritage of the business. Graphical element is distinctive and directly tied to the product

- 47 Media (http://www.47media.com/)...the use of 47 as a graphical element is what we like

- Talkmore (http://creattica.com/logos/talkmore/2320) - use of quotation marks as replacement for "A" and "E" is great

- Any of the logos on this site such as Green Dolphin - http://vector.tutsplus.com/articles/web-...

In terms of colors, we are looking for strong / bold. We would prefer to not use pastels


The following are mandatories in our design:

- Our full name of "The Brandery"

- Our tagline of "Tap your idea"

- A clean, crisp, distinctive logo that can be easily resized and used in a variety of situations (on a website, on business cards, on promotional materials)

- A graphical element as part of the logo that can stand on its own as a signature of The Brandery (think how the dog is used in Dogpatch Labs - http://dogpatchlabs.com/)

The following are optional for inclusion in the design:

- Imagery / Graphical elements that play off of "brewing" or "incubating"

- Reference to Cincinnati



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