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our largest market is sewing padding and covers for ski industry. However, we also do that for Athletic venues schools and coleges, as well as military and law enforcement, as well as prototyping services for those who need to make new ideas. our niche is sewing high quality custom design padding and covers.


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Idaho Sewing for Sports

Top 3 Things

1. we sew
2.padding and covers?
3.Quality and customer service?


I like the icon type logo. I would like it is be simple and communicate just enough about what we do to get people to click the link and find out more. It should speak to our current customers but attract new clients so that it can help fill out slower production months.
I do not want the focus on "Idaho" or "Sports" in the name. The focus should be on "Sewing"

Additional Info

we would need logos in vectorized formats .ai as well as jpg and other relevent formats. Also a B&W version as well as colors. Also, I wouldn't mind having the imput of the designers on the colors. I don't really have a preference on the colors. We use red and blue now but there may be something better. www.idsewing.com is our website, compeditors are http://www.tubeproinc.com, go-stc.com, http://www.inter-mtn.com/
I will also attach files and idea that we got from another company for your review. We didn't like most of them the icon was the perfered with the needle. The two that say spool noone here has seen except me. I was disapointed with those since I told them the icon was our perfered style.



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