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Imagine a world where candy is actually healthy for you! Instead of being demonized by doctors and nutritionists as a root cause for epidemics such as obesity and diabetes, it is actually viewed as an acceptable way for your body to get essential nutrients. Chews Better is a pioneer in the candy industry that uses a patented all-natural candy as a delivery mechanism for essential nutrients such as antioxidants, omega-3s, and fiber. Its positioning allows it to take advantage of recent natural food and candy trends.

CONCEPT: Chews Better are an all-natural chew (similar in look to Starbursts...only more rectangluar than square) that combines great taste, convenience, and numerous functional ingredients. These chews will initially be marketed to natural food retailers, such as Whole Foods.

COMPANY: Chews Better

Weve chosen the brand Chews Better because:

- We use better ingredients (all-natural; nut, wheat, and dairy free)

- The chews are better for you (they contain essential functional ingredients)

- The chews help make your community better (a portion of profits will be given to a local charity)

TAGLINE: The candy healthy people chews!

Note: we like the play on the word chews if you havent noticed. The tagline doesn't have to be incorporated into the logo design.

TARGET: Healthy consumers and aspiring healthy consumers who are looking for a candy option without the guilt that comes with empty calories and unwanted fat. Adults (male and female) are the main target, but we also want to make sure a child would be drawn to the product as well...or that a parent would want to give the product to their child.


Wed like the look to be clean and healthy, yet it needs to have a natural appeal. It needs to be eye-catchy and adaptable to multiple media formats (i.e. business cards, packaging, marketing collateral, website, etc.). It also needs to be married to the colorful and fun world of candy. We do NOT want it to look like a supplement. We are changing the game in the candy world and the look should be modern and forward lookingnot old or retro.

NOTE TO CREATIVES: This is your chance to have fun on a blank canvas. The winner must think outside the box, be creative, and blow us away!


- Natural, Clean, Healthy

- Colorful world of candy

- Sophisticated enough for an adult

- Fun enough for a child




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