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Health Care & Biotech

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At Naked Health we believe in being transparent and open (hence “Naked”!). We want to provide people with as much information as possible and empower them to make the best health decisions. We work with integrity, honesty and transparency in order to build trust and we trust people to make better decisions when they are better informed. That’s why the products (and future services) we offer are carefully selected for the evidence supporting them and their proven ability to work as claimed.
Ultimately, I want to create the go-to brand for general health needs. We need to start in a place where we can leverage current skill sets, knowledge and experience. Given my history of academic research in nutrition and experience writing about health at many levels (from consumer articles to peer reviewed journals) it felt like a good place to start.
The unique proposition would be to offer research backed, scientific expertise to the public but in a way they can understand. Instead of buying based on marketing gimmicks, they will know they are buying products that work based on validated information.


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Naked Health

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Honest, Professional, Trust


I would like the logo to be instantly recognisable whether it is an icon, a peice of text or a both. I want it to be seen as the go to place for your health needs. Whether you are looking at a magazine, an app, a website, a product... you know the logo and therefore you know you can trust the product.



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