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Hello! We are HealthyAlterEgo.org - a health and wellness newsletter, which has grown to a website which has grown to area health conferences & lectures.

Looking for a creative, branding-like logo that will make us pop from all the other health and wellness initiatives - because we should. We are a team of professionals that use facts and humor to educated consumers about health and wellness. We often poke fun at big business medicine and pharmaceuticals. and work to coach folks to empower themselves with lifestyle choices that promote disease free environments instead of treating "symptoms" with pills.

Our typical audience are professionals who have just realized that maybe they won't live forever if they continue with their bad health habits. Typically 35-65 years of age. Many are suspicious of some of the conventional medical therapies and are starting to look over the fence to the nutrition and alternative side of things.

We are working to solidify our image. Would like a logo that plays well on a horizontal web banner, t-shirt or stationary use.

Ideally a branded look that could be used on its own or with more detail. (The wellness version of the Nike swoosh).

Prefer sophisticated clean fonts, sharp but natural colors (Blue, green, etc.), creative, smart. We are thinking we'd like to keep the .org piece in the name, but as a secondary influence.

Right now, under the name on our website, we list the definition of "Alter Ego" and we have toyed with a tag line of "Some friends are better than others." We are open to keeping one or both of those items - or neither. Your creativity will help drive that decision.

I don't want that to limit initial creative input however - so don't be bound by an option that will require a tag line.

We have also considered creating a mascot of sorts to incorporate in the logo, but initial attempts at that had too much of a childish feel. We haven't shut the door on that idea, but won't pursue it if we loose the sophisticated smart feel of the branding.

This is our first submission to Crowd Spring so we're excited to see the results and depending on the success will consider the source for 2 other businesses. Thank you so much for considering our project!



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