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We are in the midst of re-branding a golf club we own, Red Hawk Run Golf Club, and we want to combine the overall club with some of our downtown real estate so that, when finished, we have a golf and city club. The city club will be members-only and will feature multi-sport simulators, cocktail/cigar lounges, fitness and meeting space. The golf club will remain semi-private but members of the 'club' will have priority access to both Red Hawk Run Golf Club and another, smaller 9-hole facility we just came into. The facilities combined will provide the best social networking environment in town and we want to drive memberships through the fact that at, any given time, a potential business deal could be thrown together. Findlay is a close-knit community and if the right people are all patronizing one place, others will follow. Our club will be known for the social opportunities first and golf second, which is rare in the golf club world, but that's the direction we want to head. Our target group is anyone in their late 20's to early 60's who appreciate the finer things in life, enjoy being away from crowd noise and have plenty of disposable income. Our value will be in the fact that all members will know who they're going to see each time they enter a facility.


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Hancock Golf and City Club

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Professionalism, Class, Exclusivity


The logo is clean, concise and doesn't 'overdo' it. It tells the message with both the imagery and the text style. They can be broken up and still make a statement on apparel/hats/etc. We don't want to have a regular golf 'shield' or criss-crossed golf clubs or anything that would normally be seen in a Google 'country club logo' search image-wise.

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www.victorianational.com, www.thedac.com. We will need normal, vectored images usable for print, online and social media purposes.



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