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My company is an emergency lighting/installation company that believes that the best emergency install requires a professional installation through creative designs and solutions to keep customers safe, informed, and satisfied.


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Haggerty Emergency Solutions

Top 3 Things

1. Colors to be Royal blue and Gold/yellow. The goal is to have blue be the main color with gold/yellow integrated into it some how.

2. The logo to be simple in design but stand out that it can be used on fire trucks, ambulances, support vehicles, trash trucks, dump trucks, utility vehicles, or water vessels. Having business name and a logo present together will help customers understand a diluted market of clients.

3. A unique design that no other company has used in the sector. Many in the sector use fire department symbols, Emergency Services symbols, and public safety (fire/police/ems) logos that dilute the value of crossing from market to market to expand into whatever needs a custom installation completed.


I want the logo to be unique, simple but creative, and broad enough that it doesn't cater to one market. The name will build itself into different markets, not specifically in the fire department, ems, or police.



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