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The Guardians is a new internet-based information publishing company. Specifically, we focus on the creation and growth of wealth. Our main goal is to teach people how to think for themselves and to become and remain financially independent. We teach them how to take care of themselves so that they will always have a steady stream of income, no matter what their actual job pays. In addition to the economic, we also provide information and courses on fitness, health, and self-confidence. Our purpose is to make sure that people are happy and successful in every area of their lives, whether they need help with wealth, health, their families, or even in the romance department. Anyone actually being published on our site will be one of the top experts in their field. Some would say we have an anti-authority feel--and this is true. We want people to think for themselves, rather than relying on outside authorities, which is one of the many reasons why one of our features is True News--the hidden reality behind the stories you see in other places.

Our target audience is, quite literally, everyone. We want anybody who'd like to be more financially independent, who wants to know the real truth, or who wants better health. If people need success of any kind, they should come to us, because we can teach them how to get what they need most.

We need a logo that can be used on everything. It will mainly be used for the webpage, but we also plan on using it for stationary, product packaging, and any promotional items. For this reason, we'd prefer something which can have its colors changed easily, for whatever occasion we choose.

Most importantly, we want to project an image of strength, of a protector. A company run by people who are willing to fight back against stupidity and power trips to get to the truth of things.

We want an archer shooting a lightning bolt into the sky. At least that's our favorite idea at the moment--whatever it is, it has to be something that suggests a normal person using the establishment's power against them. We've been thinking of including a shield with something to represent all people as a whole. We suggest giving the archer a ponytail, because it is absolutely essential that it be ambiguous and unisex--we want people to see what they're looking for. To a girl, the archer is female. To a North American man, it's a Native American. To the Japanese, the archer is a Samurai, but to a Scot, he fought with William Wallace. We need it to be simultaneously universal and personalized.

We'd like every entrant to submit two versions--one with the name and one without. The name version must include only GUARDIANS. All caps, just the name. No other text in either version.

Our main inspiration for the logo is the one for LIGHTSTORM Entertainment, although we'd prefer something not quite so angular and of course, we want something original.



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