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Tell us what you need

What is the exact name you would like in your logo?

Gretchen Knapp Vox

What is your industry?

Entertainment and Sports

What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?

That I am a professionally trained voice actor who can animate any copy.
That I have a rich, resonant voice and a background in science and theater.
Convey my unique personality.

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

black flag, iron maiden, wu-tang and crass have great band logos. I think the font for "Thrasher' skateboard mag is one of my all-time favorites. although they are mean and non-conformist emblems, my personal aesthetic favors these 5. I like clever geometry incorporated in font- graffiti-like, but must be readable and unintimidating. i am a rocker and a theatrical producer who has done edgy work, but have a background in science and philosophy and want to get work for best-seller audiobook titles and 'adult swim'-type cartoons. there is a black and white image of a wide open mouth with infinite-regressed smaller mouths inside it that i can't seem to find anywhere. if my description is enough, i would like to see something like that- perhaps surrounded by icons of planets, conveying the interest in science and sci-fi titles...maybe the fill of the lip outline on the first, largest lip could be a collage of images to suggest my interests and personality. maybe a silhoutte of Saturn could be the 'outline' of the whole logo and the fill could have some of the other images collaged in... also, a third direction I cold go in is using the image of a hydrahead as the basis for expressing the multiplicity of capabilities and the power of my voice. no microphones at all, please. my voice is deep, resonant and husky, intelligent, articulate and manipulable. I also like 'freemason' imagery and that last attached file 'logoideas' that i uploaded in this profile. Please feel free to ask for more direction if this is confusing or contradictory.

Do you have any other info or links you want to share?

There are 4 potential ideas described above, the infinite-regressed mouth, the saturn outline containing font and imagery, the hydra-head and the 'freemanson'/ 'logoideas.jpg....oh, and I love the original, yellow black and red "Flash Gordon" logo. I like the idea of copying that style but customizing it to my name. Hell, if someone showed me a mock flash gordon logo with my name, I might just go with that!


If you have something entirely different but really cool, I am open to suggestions. I am a painter and signmaker (non-pro) and have been paid to do that kind of work my whole life, I just have no design-software skills at all!



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