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Creative Brief

Who are you?

My challenge to you is to incorporate the graceful, beautiful, fragrant art of floral design with an earthy, loving, healing presence. Greener Gardens with Gerri LLC is a start-up company one I always dreamed of starting after suffering through a not-so-fun career. Please help me make the logo of my dreams and please have fun doing it! I create personalized floral designs with a goal of making my customers smile, because they are not the same old designs folks are used to. I also do garden coaching where I go to a persons home and help them identify what they might do to solve problems which range from design and what to plant where, to buying and planting outdoor containers, to diagnosing plant problems. I am specializing in the use of native plants of Mid-Atlantic US states and the use of organic gardening techniques such as treating the soil and the plants with compost and without synthetic chemical fertilizers or insecticides hence the greener in Greener Gardens. Its about treating the earth more naturally and in the process caring for and providing a natural food chain for the wild crawling, flying and furry creatures that live in the garden too. In the future I hope to expand into Horticultural Therapy, where a patient uses gardening techniques as a mode of treatment.
I cant give you much more to go on in terms of what I hope to see because I really dont know looking for your original ideas. I do want the impression of playful, real, down-to-earth, and friendly (Ive deemed myself CPO as in Chief Petal Officer and my motto is If it is not fun, Im not doing it) yet competent, common sense oriented, heartfelt caring at truly helping the customer and doing a better job than they expected. In turn for your interest in this project I promise you consistent, honest, frequent feedback and my sincere appreciation for your efforts.

What do you need?

I need a color logo that will be used everywhere, i.e. business cards, stationery, website, stamps, embroidery on clothing, magnets, etc

Who Is Your Audience?

All of my customers so far have fallen into the 30-55 age range, equally divided between men and women. All are professionals, but thats because they are all my co-workers in a large professional office because I dont have a logo to advertise! My research demographics are affluent women between the ages of 30-65 for the garden coaching part. They would be looking for help to make their garden prettier, safer, or to learn to raise their own vegetables. Floral design spans many demographics. I am NOT targeting weddings or proms- unless the bride likes burlap. Im not kidding see motto above. I do designs that are more naturalistic/garden-like/vegetative and perfect for offices and lobbies but can also be easily adapted to special occasions and holidays. In other words, I try to bring that beautiful garden indoors. Yeah, thats it!


We Like These Examples

Longwood Gardens- love the gracefulness of the font, but is it too hard to read for all the uses I intend? http://www.longwoodgardens.org/ Also, please watch the subtitles on their website that cycle through, such as MAKING SCENTS and PLANT EXPLORER. I absolutely love these because they creatively combined aspects of the concept, simple but says it all.
Ditto www.fishinthegarden with a lesser degree of enthusiasm.

We Absolutely Must Have

Include company name Greener Gardens with Gerri LLC within the logo, but make the LLC as tiny as possible just so Im legal, OK? Also, it seems like fun to have 3 Gs to work with, but I wouldnt be writing this if I knew for sure.



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