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The company will be based out of Savannah, GA and will focus on tree service and landclearing. The company will have a forward approach by selling all of our green waste to biomass facilities that will burn it for renewable energy. The target audience is middle to late aged homeowners, utility providers, and commercial developers. I'd also like to set the company apart in terms of efficiency and proffesionalism which I believe will start with a solid logo.


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Green Arbor Solutions

Top 3 Things

I want the logo to reflect that we're a green company due to our biomassing approach. I would also like to reflect a clean look that lets the customer know that we're a tree company.

Additional Info

I came up with a few ideas that I made in PowerPoint but right now I've settled on the one on the last page of the attachment. It's a tree inside of a spartan shield outline which, to me, represents teamwork and resiliency. I would like the design to be used against numerous color backgrounds such as a vinyl on the side of vehicles of different colors, but it's not a priority. I' mainly going to use it for patches, shirts, cards, and truck vinyls. I do like this design but I believe there are people out there with more creativity and skill than me and I'm excited to see some different ideas.



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