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Graffitio (http://graffit.io/) is our new iPhone Application:


Attach conversations to the places you go and the things you see! As soon as you open Graffitio, it looks around you for Walls created by other users at restaurants, bars, stores, parks, events, or anywhere else you could imagine.

Read what other people have to say, and leave your own thoughts behind for others to find later. You can even create your own Walls. Graffitio connects you to people who have been there before and those who will follow.


Currently, our art was hurriedly cut up from a stock image. You can see a big piece of it in the header of the blog (http://blog.graffit.io/). I really like the boldness of the image. Especially the red and black on the white. In addition, the font on the iPhone is Helvetica, so all of the copy on the website will be in Helvetica as well to match the screenshots. The logo can be in any font, but I'm providing this information in case it may be important.

I'm looking for a grungier/edgier look than your average Web 2.0 company. There's definitely room for creative freedom here. The logo will appear at the top of the website and on all press materials. In addition, a square portion of the logo will become the icon for Graffitio on the iPhone and in the iPhone Application Store.

Our target audience is 18-35 smartphone owners. Our target users use Graffitio as a resource to find and share opinions about places and connect and converse with people at those places. In addition to the general chatter, it is also being used as a creative medium, with chain stories and poetry appearing on various walls.

As for designs I like, this stock image (http://www.istockphoto.com/file_closeup/...) which we used for our current art really appeals to me. It's bold and grungy, but still has a clean crisp feel. I like the idea of having the logo be graffiti-like lettering (http://image.guardian.co.uk/sys-images/A...), but more appropriately colored and readable for the web. A graffiti-like graphic with styled text beside it would also be great.

The logo should consist of the graphic, the name Graffitio and below it, the slogan "Around Places". Ideally, Around Places would be a separate layer that could be removed when generating images.



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