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Golfbuds is a web site that golfers use to invite friends and colleagues to play a round of golf, participate in a group golf outing, or to take a golf trip. It is used by individuals or groups that either know each other or are members of common groups. In this way, it is a social networking site for a specific purpose. It is not used to "find" other golfers or partners that are not already acquaintances. Therefore, unlike many social networking sites, it is not used to make new contacts. The site is one of several that will have a similar purpose. For example, similar concepts will be used to organize card games, tennis matches, league basketball games, etc. Therefore, a logo design that can have some common elements across all the targeted sectors is desired to lend continuity and brand awareness.

The central purpose of the site is to make the process of inviting individuals and monitoring their responses (acceptances or declines) much more efficient than the typical process of telephoning or emailing. It is designed to make the process of extending invitations and scheduling all types of events much more efficient. The first application will be for golf and others will follow.

Our web site design has not yet been developed.


A logo specifically for golfbuds.com that will be used on the web site, business cards, stationary, etc. This logo will also be used on golf apparel. The logo, or a graphic element of the logo must be small enough to be imprinted on a golf ball, preferably with a size of about 10-15 cm square or the same diameter.

As described in the project brief, this same concept will be applied to many other activities (outside of golf). For this reason, the logo should, if possible, have common elements that can be incorporated into logos for these other activities that will provide for continuity of branding and brand awareness.

Ideally, the logo will be instantly recognizable as associated with golf. Our thoughts are that it should not try to convey the image of multiple "golf friends" or groups because that is likely to make it more complex and less useful in smaller images. But, if a creative has thoughts on how this might be accomplished while meeting all our other goals, then we will consider it.

Ideally, the logo will convey the following key attributes of the web site and the software design, listed in order of priority.

1. Golf

2. Efficiency of the scheduling process

3. Used within each individual's circle of friends.

The last 2 elements, if they can be incorporated will be common to all the other applications outside of golf.

We have not seen very many designs that are really great examples of what we think would work. The logo for the LPGA tour (lpga.com) is one that is graphic, clearly is associated with golf and could work with the right colors, etc.

If allowed by Crowdspring, the creative that is selected for this project will be asked to develop logos for the multiple applications that are being deployed.


Our broader target audience is any group or circle of friends that need to schedule activities where invitations are sent and the process of communication involves phone tag or other means of inviting and then receiving responses. We will use the golf application to describe why this audience is being targeted.

When a person decides to play a round of golf, that person typically invites other people (3 additional) to make up the foursome and the invitations are almost always to friends or acquaintances. The current process involves inviting 3 others and waiting for responses, quite often involving both parties leaving messages. If one or more of the 3 decline, then new invitations must be initiated and the process starts all over. Golfbuds will simplify and automate this process by using a web site and mobile apps that can automatically notify individuals of invitations and acceptances and generate new invitations when needed.

The web site will also be used for groups or associations. For example, to continue with the golf example, it will be used by golf leagues to schedule events and make up the teams that will play.



nba graphic (national basketball association)

mlb graphic (major league baseball)



Must be recognizable as associated with golf.

Must be gender neutral

Must be contain branding elements, shape, or design that can be used for other applications.



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