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Company logo for goBorgh Clothing. goBorgh Clothing is a new clothing company for surf & snowboard type shirts & beenies. The company name stands for 'go big or go home' under the concept of taking on big waves and big mountains.

The logo will be used to make clothing tag labels, graphic labels on the front or back of t-shirts, and embroidered on beenies. I'd like something that has a simple but unique graphic that will eventually be easily identifiable to goBorgh. I'd also like the word 'goBorgh' with the big 'B' with the graphic but not a part of it ... so that the graphic can be printed without the name goBorgh and still be identified as goBorgh.

I want to eventually make t-shirts with a small label of the graphic alone sewn on the bottom of the t-shirt sleeve so it can be seen centered on the bottom sleeve edge; also the whole thing (graphic & goBorgh) as a larger graphic on the shirt (front or back / large or small). Also, I want to make beenies with both the graphic & goBorgh embroidered on the front.

I sent a sample design I created. I like it but think it needs to be more manly and more basic. So feel free to use it as a start or do something entirely different.

Hawaii surfers. Mostly young individuals and geared toward something young men will want to wear. Something basic and masculine but not too much so that I can't eventually market female specific t-shirts. Also want it to be fitting for snowboarders and that type of apparel. I'd like the customer to take note of the graphic indepenent of the name but also have them coordinated to fit well together when printed together.

I'd like something using the colors black, red, & silver or white or steel gray, medium blue, & white. The word goBorgh should have the capital 'B' and the rest lower case. The 'B' should be a different color then the rest of the letters. The font should be something basic that men will respond to.

The word goBorgh with the 'B' capital and the lower case.



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