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Globe & Gimbal is an independent film and media production company. We have produced one award-winning feature film, are developing another, as well as working on a scripted series. We focus on taking original theatrical productions and adapting them for the screen.


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Globe & Gimbal

Top 3 Things

Lyric. Classic. Epic.


The “Globe” in the company name references Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London. The “Gimbal” reference a film camera gimbal or stabilizer. Our company is about marrying the lyrical beauty of theater with the visual power of film. Thus, the combination of globe (theater) with gimbal (film). We also are attracted to globes and gimbals because of what they represent metaphorically: balance, symmetry, harmony, etc. So the best logo design will capture or allude to those references.

Visually, the logo can be something that combines or references an image of the globe theatre (an open air, theater in the round) and a gimbal or rotating balancing device. Or it could be something that utilizes or references a pen/writing utensil (quill and ink) combined with some sort of cinematic device or iconography (camera, tripod, lens, etc). The design can be "literal" in its visual references or more abstracted.

Note: the "globe" is NOT a reference to the Earth or planetary bodies.

We like clean lines. Nothing too busy or overly intricate. The design should look good (read well) when rendered relatively small, such as a website icon, or when seen big, such as on a movie screen.

It is important that the image/logo be paired with text reading "Globe & Gimbal" or "Globe and Gimbal." Of the two, we prefer the ampersand (&), but are open to "and" depending on text/font/style/layout.

For colors, we like silver, brass and rich browns or earthtones. The design shouldn't utilize more than 3 colors (2-3 colors, not too busy color-wise either).

For fonts, we are fairly open and happy to consider text that includes scripted fonts, as long as the text can be clearly read on screen and has a classic, professional look.

Additional Info

We will ultimately need the file in a resolution large enough that it can be used in everything from websites, to screening in 4k theatrical projections, to printing on t-shirts and posters.

We will also need a layered (photoshop) file, with the text layer(s) seperate from the logo/image layer(s), so that they can be repositioned as needed depending on the platform/use. Similarly, depending on the image, it would be nice if the image can be broken down into it's parts/layers, so that it can ultimately be animated in the future, as part of pre-title sequence for films and videos.

Finally, we will definitely need it on an alpha-matte. The logo will generally be placed against a black background, but sometimes it will need to overlay an image or other colored background as well.



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