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Glencoe Gladiators

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This is the main logo for a little league baseball team which will be used on their jerseys and other items. There is a primary logo I found I want to work from, it is attached and named Gladiator.jpeg I obviously need Gwinnett changed to our town, which is Glencoe. The Glencoe font I don't have any strong feelings about, so long as it is something that fits.

The Gladiator font however is very important, and I have provided a logo which incorporated a G which I would like the entire font to be based off of. Since the G is silver I think it would very cool if the entire word GLADIATOR has similar sharp edges and looks almost like sword material.

As for the elements of the actual figure and logo, the incorporation of baseball again is critical. I have a couple of different thoughts, but one sticks out as the ideal scenario. They are listed below with what I believe will look ideal as #1.

1) The Gladiator is holding a bat instead of a sword, and is in a traditional hitting stance. The sword is moved down to the GLADIATOR text and incorporated into the G. Because the color and shape of the font are "swordlike" I envision that on the left side of the indentation of the G is the handle of the sword, and the sword runs through the text either to or just beyond the A, so that the line in the middle of the capital A can be the end or just before the end of the sword. The sword additionally has pierced a baseball which is somewhere on the sword having been pierced through the middle.

2) The Gladiator is holding the sword in a traditional hitting position with a baseball pierced through and remaining on the sword. The text again has the same idea with the sword embedded into the word Gladiator.

3) The Gladiator is holding a bat in the same position he is currently holding the sword, as if pointing to the bleachers ala Babe Ruth and the sword is only included in the text as described in #1, again with the ball pierced through.

4) The Gladiator is doing one of the above and a sword is run vertical through the G instead of horizontal through other letters, and again with a ball pierced through on the sword.

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Definitely as I have described above this requires both text and image.



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