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About us:

Plummelo.com is a web2.0 company that gives those who love to cook a way to collect, organize, and recommend online recipes. The core technology is the ability collect a recipe from anywhere on the web by bookmarking and tagging it. Once collected, the user can use their tags to quickly find what they're looking for. And finally, the user can write and share notes about the recipe and recommend the bookmark to other users.

As for the name, Plummelo is a made-up word, but it's meant to sound like the giant grapefruit-like citrus fruit called a pummelo (aka, pomelo, pumelo, you get the idea). Turns out, the concept behind Plummelo fits with the grapefruit analogy. When you slice open the internet, it's full of great content about cooking. The individual pieces are great, but everything is better when you have the whole thing.

Plummelo is about bringing the best pieces of the web together in one place so that everything about your cooking life gets better.

Here's what we need:

Need a logo that will appear on our website (www.plummelo.com) title banner. So the logo needs to have the word "Plummelo" with it. We also need the same logo (without the word) for a bookmark icon applet that other websites will install on their website (like the del.icio.us bookmark applet icon that appears on other websites). In general, the logo will be used in many places on the website as well as on business cards.

Out target audience is:

women between the ages of 25 to 55. They are educated and can be either a professional or a stay at home mom. They are looking to manage their time, so efficiency is important. They also want gourmet or near-gourmet food. The secondary target is anyone who loves to cook, including men and unmarried individuals.

Plummelo is a unique cooking and recipe website that uses bookmarking to get recipes from anywhere on the internet. Find the best recipe out there, collect it, organize it, and recommend it to others.

We like these designs:

See plummelo.com for current color scheme. Green and orange are bold colors and connote vibrancy. Although we don't want neon shades, we're open to other color interpretations. We want the font to be recognizable but a sans serif font like BlairMDITC - TT. The logo icon should be fairly simple (recognizability and need to have very small version for bookmark applet icon)

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