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Ghostbusters.net is a fan-driven community platform that documents and discusses all things Ghostbusters. We support a worldwide network of Ghostbusters Franchises (fan communities) who spread the joy of Ghostbusters through cosplay and raise money for charities and local community organizations.


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Although we are not looking for any type treatment at this time (please view the vision portion of the project brief) the website is called Ghostbusters.net.

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There are a number of fan groups (franchises) around the world that have incorporated the "Mooglie" from the original Ghostbusters logo (please read Ghostbusters Ectomobile: Owner's Workshop Manual for details - https://amzn.to/2oSlwd5) to create a unique logo that represents their locale and succinctly convey the group's overall mission.

In addition to the examples uploaded, please explore this list of world-wide Ghostbusters Fan Groups on Twitter and follow your local franchise(s). https://twitter.com/GhostbustersNet/list...

Ghostbusters.net, originally started as Ghostbusters Central in 1997, has always featured the international logo used in marketing and promotional materials for the original film outside of the United States. This logo was flipped to resemble the universally recognized prohibited sign to avoid confusion as the brand was obviously not yet established as the iconic symbol it is today.

In the spirit of unity and accessibility, we would like the new logo to incorporate the Mooglie and convey a sense of world-wide appeal and connectivity.

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The ideal logo should stand out from the original as to not confuse ours as an official website, consist of a square aspect ratio and reduce well for social media avatars (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr). We favor simplicity and uniqueness over all and look forward to seeing your creations.



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