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We help growers feed the world by providing crop care products and advise so that they can produce the best and safest food.


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"GAR 70"
This is an anniversary logo to celebrate 70 years of being in business. Gar Tootelian, Inc. is the full company name and the name of our founder, but we say GAR for short. GAR is a family owned business in its 3rd generation. We are known for our hats that we give away, they're very simple and say "GAR" on them. I would like the theme of the hat to be simple as well and recognize our 70th anniversary.

Top 3 Things

1. Company Name "GAR"
2. Number of Years in Business - "70"
3. It's about the Grower - our customer


I don't want to see a lot of stuff going on because we will make hats and shirts using this logo and use it electronically - so I want the logo to be clean and easy to read.

Additional Info

You can check out our website (gitpros.com) to see what our logo looks like now and see what our company is about. The "GAR" logo at the bottom of the page is what we use on our hats. We do NOT use the whole name - "Gar Tootelian, Inc.", it is too long.



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