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Entertainment and Sports

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Poplio is a revolutionary new kind of mobile-web-based social gaming company that entertains the hell out of you on your smartphone device while helping you save money and get unique deals at many of the brick-and-mortar locations, stores and services you prefer and frequent. These are games you play on the map of your real life, with your real-life friends, and against real-life opponents who just might be competing for the same great deal you and YOUR friends are afterright in your own backyard. That backyard could be anywhere on the planet, in any country, any city or neighborhood from Timbuktu to Topeka.

Key thought points for creating the Poplio logo are: 1) Fun, 2) Your friends, 3) Lets play!, 4) Worldwide scope and local fun, 5) Always something new, 6) Your team can always find a game to play in your area and win something you want 7) Happening all around you, in your own world.

Since Poplio will be a worldwide brand, it needs a graphic and type treatment that is fun but not cutesy, distinctive, classy, and adaptable to non-Latinate languages and cultures. Poplio will have content and communities of all demographics except children. So, even though this is a game platform, it shouldnt look gamey in a hardcore way ..

Sample log-lines might include:

Your P-hone has never been so Fun!
Cell P-hun!
Smarter phone
Plays well with others.
Its your world
Play, everywhere

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

We need a static logo and initial identity design for Poplio. The design should suggest a simple animation,-- but that is not required. The files we will require are: Print file format - .ai (CMYK) Web file format - .jpg and layered .psd (RGB) Please do not use any stock images or clip art in the logo.
A 3D version of the logo might be a plus, but is not required.

A metaphoric picture of Poplio might be: a cellphone user at the center of an exciting network of friends; an individual discovering new command over her surroundings; a cloud of smiles or exclamation points rising from a city; a wave of P or Poplio logos sweeping around the world, a torus with Poplio in the center (these are NOT suggestions, necessarily).

Simple graphical elements that are quickly recognizable even if scaled down, and in black and white
Presentation possibilities:
A circular logo-type with an iconic central image
Icon that represents Engagement (people engaging with people); sheer, exuberant, fun; fun on a cell phone; interconnectedness between points

Things to avoid:
Nike-like swooshes, or globe-encircling swooshes
Abbreviations. (Don't use just "P") We prefer our whole name in every representation

Do you have any other info or links you want to share?

Since Poplio delivers hundreds of games to a myriad of demographics and cultures, in urban and rural environments, our visual identity has to be broadly, even universally, appealing to: early adopters, casual gamers (e.g. Farmville, Solitaire, Bejeweled), tech and mobile enthusiasts, both genders, teens interested in competition and community, middle-aged bargain hunters, men as well as women. Almost anyone with a cell-phone and a speed-dial list is a target for one or another kind of Poplio entertainment..The fun and benefits of playing Poplio range from simply getting coupons to saving dollars on your favorite drink, to engaging in a massive, three-week car-giveaway competition set in and around London.

Since the target audience is so large and varied, our visual identity needs to communicate professionalism along with fun, trust as well as excitement, and global more than American high-tech look. Poplio is a product like Facebook or Google: it can make a value proposition to almost anyone, because the entertainment and benefits contained range widely from simple games to community building, to real-world benefitsno matter where you and your cell phone happen to be.



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