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We provide "fuel" to charities and non-profits in the form of fundraising
So: Fuel (your cause), Trust (solid, reliable), Fun (optimistic colors, not too blocky)

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

Image and text

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We are playing on the "Fuel" concept. We raise money for charities or "fuel" them.
Think "FYUL your School" or "FYULing station" (for businesses that support charities.
I'd add that "FYUL brings together Businesses (merchants), Causes (charities and nonprofits) and Supporters to raise money for good Causes."

We have not selected a color scheme yet.

FYUL does not have to be all-caps.

Concept 1: A fuel pump, simply rendered in one or two colors with strong, consistent curves.
Incorporate FYUL into the pump or place it below/alongside.
Make the pump *out of* the letters F Y U L?
Downplay the hose that attaches the fuel nozzle to the pump..we don't want coiling, twisting hoses that distract. A simple hose and nozzle on right side is fine.

Concept 2: A gas station sign, perhaps viewed from below with perspective.

Concept 3: Your own take on the "fuel" concept that can be rendered as required above.
Gas can? Too limiting. We are constantly fueling causes.

The example logos were created by us and show the simple gas pump design.
With those images, the "display" area of the pump may be used to show various bits of information, like amount of money a cause has raised.
Perhaps for the logo that area should have icon(s) that convey ideas of giving, charity, progress, empowerment.



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