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FYIndOut is the name of our website that allows professionals to find and review commercial services (accounting, legal, developers, consultants) and applications as well as events (conferences, webinars, seminars, networking events, career fairs) in the same manner as we do today in our consumer lives. It also allows the solution providers to enter more info on their solutions and participate in reviews.

FYIndOut provides the same common sense approach to find and review commercial solutions that we use in our consumer lives. Ever try to find a service or solution for your business? Google "logo design" or "logo design for business" and see what you get. How do you know who's good? The era of only getting referrals from the vendors themselves or paying a high-priced analyst firm $15K to get a list of providers is over. With FYIndOut, we can provide each other with the same type of qualified, first-hand reviews to help our careers, projects, or business as we do when looking for a personal camera or plumber.

The name FYIndOut comes from combining FYI and Find Out. in regards to our brand, just because we're helping people in their business lives doesn't mean that it's got to be uptight or boring. In addition to being informative, we want the logo and the brand to convey a sense of efficiency and casualness like you would see in a consumer brand. The exact opposite of a stuffy corporate brand. It's about giving each other a head's up on commercial applications, solutions, and events so we can spend less time and money searching and more time on getting the job done.

For the logo:

-We're open to different color options

-We don't want the logo to be too cartoonish

-We want to stay away from characters or people in the logo

-It will need to be scalable for online (header image, badges) and offline (business cards, print materials)

-We're excited to see your creativity!



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