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We are a start-up company, Future Workplace, providing networking and consulting to Fortune 500 companies on their social web strategies for recruiting, developing and engaging employees. Our book, "The 2020 Workplace," will be published by Harper Collins in the spring of 2010, and we are bloggers for Harvard Business. Much like the social web has changed how we interact with customers, we think corporations will soon face the pressures of a new generation of globally savvy employees who demand access to the latest social web tools at work. Our principals come from multiple generations, have lived around the world, and work in high tech. We're passionate about helping companies realize the full potential of their people through the use of social technologies to bridge geographies and generations. Our image must project our focus on the future, on people, on technologies, and on a global economy. Since this logo will be used on business cards, in presentations, and on our web site, it must do well in multiple formats. For the right creative professional, this is the beginning of a long-term relationship.


We need someone who can bring to life the creative side of our business that we aspire to attain. Since we're busy bringing in revenue, writing a book, and setting up our web site, we need help in ensuring that what we convey in our start-up stage conveys the shift in thinking necessary in large corporations to address the needs of the future. To start, and for bidding on this project, we need a logo (Future Workplace) and banner for our website, (futureworkplace.com). We'd like to replace the background art of a Joomla template with our own design, reflective of our brand. Eventually we'll want help with presentation templates, letterhead, etc., but the most important need is for a logo to use on business cards and the banner for the web site. Specifically:

We need versions of the logo in file versions: jpg and png

format. As a .png file, we need the ability to unbundle the logo to

create a transparent image over the top of a banner or

background element on a CMS website. We will be using Adobe

Fireworks for manipulation.

On the website, the logo will be layered over a background

element. You may or may not include a corresponding background

element to compliment the logo you design. An example of the

website template to be used is at:


But don't let this template completely limit your creativity. If

the logo is correct, we can adjust the CMS template colors

and/or background element. We honor the creative spirit, and encourage stretching beyond the typical corporate look and feel.


Fortune 500 heads of Human Resources, Chief Learning/Talent Officers, heads of recruiting, communications, leadership development, and to a lesser degree, executives. The logo will appear in our book, our blog, and website, so you will get tremendous exposure!


We have attached a .pptx file of some logos and fonts we like, with commentary of what we like about each. We like geometry and nearly oppositely, fluidity. We have uploaded some designs we found on the web or that we took pictures of from "Communication Arts" that are indicative of styles we like. To give a sense for topic areas we consult in or write about: The three driving forces we think that will affect the future workplace are the social web, five generations in the workplace, and a global economy. We write and consult about how companies are using social networking and twitter in the workplace; we also consult on how to build a global employee brand, and create a diverse environment for five generations in the workplace. We're not afraid to be a little bit "out there" in our content and predictions, so a logo and banner must be forward thinking. See the colors in maggmix, template 2, to see the kinds of color themes we like -- somewhat muted. Note especially on the attached slide the "W" with an abstract feel of a person. An "FW" design logo, incorporating our full name, in a very simple and clean style could be compelling, however we would like a variety of responses and thus have shown other designs we really like as well that are quite different.


We hate standard MSFT clip art and anything that looks like it. If you use a standard depiction of a person from common clip art libraries, we will pass on your design. We prefer somewhat abstract to literal interpretations of people or places. We don't want primary colors, and would like something a little artsy, edgy, and futuristic, while being more about people than technology. Surprise us!



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