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We're a startup net company called letguru.com. Our aim is to provide the web's best search tools for finding self-catering holiday home lets (rentals).

We'd like a funky web 2.0 style logo based on our company name "letguru". We'd like two variations:

1) Larger; to occupy the website's landing page; constrained to around w:440px h:170px (tho in the interest of creative freedom feel free to break this... we'll find extra space for a neat design!)

2) Smaller; to occupy a results page header region; constrained to say w:220px h:85px

One idea we have is to personify our name, i.e. create a logo that incorporates a guru character. We imagine this being similar to the way ask.com used to have Jeeves, the butler character who used to trawl the web returning search results.

Our guru (or genie?) would perform a similar task, returning suitable properties "pinned" to a map of the world.

Our target market is holidaymakers of all demographics looking for a self-catering holiday property.

We'd like to avoid the standard holidaymaker imagery however (i.e. no beaches, sunglasses, parasols, airplanes, palm trees etc.)

The logo would always be placed over a white background. We are using a vivid orange colour (#FF6600) for our primary interface items (i.e. the search button and other sliders, widgets and controls). There is no requirement to use this colour (we don't want to limit you) but perhaps this can influence your design ideas.

In terms of style we love Apple's OS-X icons and general look and feel. Smooth vector art, nice gradients and a glassy look. It would be nice to see options with and without reflective elements (tho perhaps this is now becoming a bit cliche?)

I guess we want to be original yet still identifiable with the web 2.0 crowd (tho please, no "beta" stickers!)

We would like to see some kind of guru or genie character. As to how this is stylized we don't want to set any preconceptions, though we would prefer to steer away from anything to child-like / cartoon-esque, if possible.

The only other imagery or motifs that you might like to consider for inclusion in this design are:

1) a map (our primary interface for displaying property results)

2) a property structure (that's pretty symbole of what we're about!)

Lastly, the logo must incorporate the text "letguru". There must be a distinction (colour, tonal or otherwise) made between the "let" and "guru" letter groupings in order to delineate the meaning of our brand.



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