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Frontdesk Anywhere is a SaaS application that enables hotel owners and operators to manage their property and accept online reservations. The can access their front desk application from anywhere (hence the name...) providing value to the owner/manager at a number of different levels.

The intended audience for the site will be hotel owners and property managers who tend not to be technology savvy. We consider ourselves to be a Web 2.0 company but feel that our audience places minimal meaning to this and may find the typical Web 2.0ish logo glitzy.

We are looking for a wordmark or logo + wordmark showing the service name. The name, you will find as we did, is a bit long and for branding purposes have choosen to join the words "front" and "desk" into one word. The wordmark does not necessarily need to seperate the frontdesk from anywhere but they should be treated so that there is immediate distinction of the words.

We have been trying different ideas of our own for some time now but have had a difficult problem with the design and balancing the long name with size and readability.

The logo should convey a sense of new technology and a fresh way of thinking as well as being clean and smart. Incorporating some kind of hotel imagery into the logo may be interesting but not necessary.

The application is located in a hosting 'cloud' so cloud theme is one potention direction.

Regardless of the usage of a cloud theme the logo should be light and airy and not clunky.

We have selected the following color pallet for the logo and site: http://www.colourlovers.com/palette/3227...

Black/grey and white (space) can also be used.

We deffinately want to minimize the number of colors in the logo to 2 (or 3 if the third color really adds value to the image). Black/gray is included with this count but not white.


We like VAG Rounded and ITC Bauhaus but open to other similar modern fonts. See this site for examples: http://www.fontshop.com/fontfeed/archive...


We are moving forward with a customized version of the linked site below. The selected logo should fit and look appropriate to this site: http://www.frontdeskanywhere.com/dev/



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