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Creative Brief

Who are you?

I am a poor dog owner that is trying to recoup some of the 20K I've spent on my dog for random surgeries. He is a 4 year old French Bulldog. First he ate a champagne cork, then he ate an onion, then he ate an advil. Each of these caused a costly surgery. He eats everything. So, I am trying to make a brand for my little furry buddha so he can earn his keep. He has more personality than most of my friends. He snorts, snores, and farts. He gets pissed when you talk about him, and folks stop on the street to pet him.

What do you need?

I need a headshot logo of my dog. His name is Deaky. I have a couple ideas... The image I have is of his head coming out of a large stylized Omega, or out of a large spiked collar. I'd like his massive ears, the white strip on his head, and his jowls highlighted. With as much detail as possible on all the crazy wrinkles on his face. His tongue out a little, or maybe not. closer to an illustration than a logo perhaps.

Who Is Your Audience?

Dog lovers and tshirt addicts


We Like These Examples

I like the logos on this site... http://big-sumo.com/design_services.html

this one is pretty cool too but its too much on the simpler side. http://www.pycomall.com/images/P/devil_d...

We Absolutely Must Have

Detail detail detail to highlight his facial wrinkles and ears. Must have some real expression. Looking for simple black and white, no color. Company name is Deaky Deaky!



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