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Creative Brief

Who are you?

FYI is a newly created public charity (foundation).

Why do we need FYI?
California is a state that is defined by its geographic beauty, its open spaces, its parks, and its rich, diverse natural environment. Unfortunately, California is also a state whose young people are increasingly disconnected from nature and their responsibility as stewards of the environment. Too many members of our next generations do not appreciate the value of these natural spaces; and too many do not have the appropriate resources or knowledge to make this important connection.

In addition to technology and lifestyle changes, the changing demographics of Californias population reflect a future citizenry that will become even more disconnected from nature and the outdoors. Altering this trajectory can have profound positive impacts for the health of our communities. If more youth connect to nature and the outdoors, society will leverage the benefits. In addition to environmental conservation, these benefits include physical and mental health, education, and personal and emotional growth, all of which support stronger children and youth and ultimately stronger and more engaged adults.

Breaking this cycle of disconnection requires broad initiatives and significant investment to connect children and youth to outdoor experiences. The need for this work is high, but current resource levels are low. FYI will help address this disparity by guiding funding to successful programs, launching and maintaining strategic initiatives, and helping to strengthen the field of outdoor providers. FYI will target funding to remove barriers, and provide incentives to integrate outdoor experiences with existing youth programs. Finally, FYI will seek to build an effective pipeline of programs, opportunities, and accessible outdoor connections for children, their parents, and our community.

What is FYI?
The Foundation for Youth Investment was established to strategically direct more resources toward connecting children, youth, and their families to nature, parks, open spaces, and the outdoors.
FYI connects kids to nature and outdoor experiences by providing grants to programs.
FYI provides and leverages resources for strategic initiatives that reduce common barriers and help build a pipeline of lifelong connections to the outdoors.
FYI manages specialized funds that strategically target high-need populations and efforts.
Together, these three approaches address the well-documented challenges that prevent our children and youth from getting outdoors. This multi-pronged approach is pragmatic and directs resources to proven approaches that will connect kids to outdoor experiences, not just once, but multiple times; providing not just an introduction to the natural world, but ongoing opportunities that will help them integrate the outdoors into their lives. In all of its work, FYI seeks to leverage existing efforts to support healthy youth development by investing in initiatives that layer quality outdoor experiences with other critical interventions for children and youth.

What do you need?

Logo for letterhead, website, sponsorship materials.

Who Is Your Audience?

Foundations, funders, corporations, nonprofit providers of youth outdoor experiences. Should show that we are established, but still be fresh and fun.


We Like These Examples

No preconceived notions.

We Absolutely Must Have

No restrictions, please give us your best ideas. It could be Foundation for Youth Investment, or perhaps just FYI.



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