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Fortis 10 Health: Preventative Health Performance Facility
The mission of Fortis 10 Health is to teach and educate the community through movement therapy, nutritional consult, and improved lifestyle habituation one patient at a time.
Fortis 10 Health will become the go to guide for health education and recovery services in San Diego County.
Fortis 10 Health will define and bridge the community’s knowledge gap about true human health and optimized human function.
Fortis 10 Health exists to create an empowered society, free from the shackles of [health] dysfunction.
1. Integrity of Care
2. Patient-Centered
3. Servant Leadership
4. Fortitude
5. Bold Transparency and Truth
Marketing Slogans:
"Empowering You to Press Play on Your Health"
"Breathe. Sleep. Move. Eat."
Recovery Center:
1. Recovery cycle: (sauna)heat/cold plunge/rest
2. Sensory Deprivation Therapy: Float Tanks
3. Community aspect in design (host group recovery events + individual appointments)
4. Massage Therapist
5. Physical Therapist
6. Acupuncture
7. Phlebotomist
8. Chiropractor
9. Life Coaching
10. Training (specialty only: movement, function, breathing, health)
The Problem: Humans lack the natural biological adaptation abilities to keep up with the demands of the external industrial environment without any recovery and balance inputs.
The Solution: Empower people to control and influence their health against external industrial demands by supplying the tools and knowledge for performance self-care and self-management to ensure long careers, happy humans, and prosperous lives.
More Description:
The external industrial world bombards us with information, stimulus, and demand. We lack the biological self organization to manage these demands at the speed at which we are required to process them. This has a great negative impact on physiological health and epigenetics leading to such diseases as: Diabetes, Hypertension, Chronic Fatigue, Hormone Disorders, GI Disorders, ADD, etc…
Society is missing the value of the reciprocating force of stress and performance: rest and recovery. Adaptation (Growth) comes from the cycle of applying controlled stress + adequate appropriate amounts of recovery before the next stress cycle. This Preventative Health Performance Facility will be focused on filling that gap: in services, in education, and in action.
What shoudl this be to members and patients?:
"A home, a school, a third-space, a safe place of rest, recovery, and natural rejuvenation."
Target Market:
Household incomes $100,000 - $500,000 (primary household market $150k-200k/year)
Men and women ages 30 - 55 and adolescents ages 12 -22 yo
The athletic population with a gym membership or home gym equipment
Working mom and dad with athletic children/active lifestyle
People with fatigue, overweight, skin issues, gut issues, brain fog
High performers with focus challenges, recovery challenges, training balance, plateau prevention and breakthrough.
Future: non-profit for income challenged households to teach the balance between performance and recovery.


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(See values in description section)


(See description section) We were playing with some kind of 'play button' --> along the lines of "empowering you to press play on your health"

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We need all digital formats of the logo.
The logo should inspire the feelings of peace, serinity, safety. It should be memorable and create a bond with the members. Inviting. Fortitude. Resolve. Longterm solution for our member's lives. Very memorable and impacting.



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