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Health Care & Biotech

About Your Company

1. How would you describe to someone what your company does? Who are they?
a. P) We aim to revolutionize cancer surgery and treat cancer from outside the body by focusing high power ultrasound that heats and destroys tissue only where we choose to, no knives. First we image to find the cancer, then we plan how to kill it, then destroy it very precisely. No knives, no radiation, no chemotherapy, no general anesthetic, no hospital stay. The goal is to provide treatment of cancer without massive side effects, long recovery times, or any cutting. As well as the equipment for precisely targeting the ultrasound, we will have advanced computational approaches to take the medical images, locate the cancer, and plan the most effective treatment (simulation, machine learning, AI good buzzwords here). This is Star Trek style medicine.
b. S) We are a non-invasive surgery company that is bringing novel ultrasound technologies to the cancer fight. We can destroy tumors in soft tissue without the need to cut or puncture the skin. The system works with MRI machines and allows the surgery to be performed at the same time that images are acquired.
Obviously the end recipient is the general public, however the target audience is comprised of MDs, specialized or otherwise, but because the system is integrated with an MRI machine the ultimate purchaser is a hospital.
2. Describe your ideal customer. Who is your target audience?
a. P) The "end customer" is a patient with cancer who wants a faster, less intrusive method of dealing with their tumor, who demand this treatment from their doctor. The people actually paying for the system are the hospital (hardware) and insurance companies. We have to show the hospital we can treat patients more effectively, faster, at lower cost, or attract more patients to their facility because they offer superior treatments. Initially, though, we have to "sell" to the Venture Capitalists and those who would fund us to get there.
b. S) The ideal customer (one who is paying for the equipment) is a hospital that is looking to differentiate itself from others in the fight against cancer. It also has an appreciation of the benefits of moving patients from in-patient care to out-patient care and the advantages of streamlined surgical planning and execution.


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Advanced high tech surgery, sci-fi, healing, trustworthy


Scientific, hightech, healing, focused sound.

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Additional Info

3. Do you have any competitors? What other companies are comparable to yours?
a. P) The main player in this exact space is Insightec, who have been going about 20 years. We use a similar approach, but aim to "leapfrog" with more advanced technology, smaller systems, more precise targeting of the cancer. There is also "proton therapy" for head and neck cancers which has the precision we have, but insanely expensive ($100 to $200 million systems) - Ion Beam Applications is the main company in that field. Otherwise the 'competitors' are chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and traditional surgery.
b. S) Insightec – Targeting some brain issues, uterine fibroids and bone metastases. (Similar technology different diseases – though we will probably move into some of the same markets at a later date)
Profound Medical - Targeting prostate and uterine fibroids. Similar technology but much smaller scale.
4. What other brands (in general/any industry) appeal to you and why?
a. P) Less important it appeals to us, more important it appeals to people who will buy our product, or fund us (latter more important right now)
5. Do you have a mission statement? If so, what is it?
a. P) No mission statement yet, but "Treat cancer, make money, treat more cancers" sounds good. "Bringing Surgery to the 21st Century"?
b. S) “don’t bring a knife to a cancer fight”
6. Why do you want a new logo? What do you want to accomplish with a new logo?
a. P) New company, so no existing logo. A logo to show that we're a hi-tech medical company that will pull surgery into the 21st century. We're advanced. A smart missile not a dumb bomb.
b. S) No existing logo. Foundation to build brand on.
7. Do you have a tagline? If so, would you like it stated alongside your logo?
a. P) No tagline yet, though "Knifeless Surgery" is the best we have right now alongside "Don't bring a knife to a cancer fight"
b. S) Focused Ultrasound Surgery or Focused Non-invasive Ultrasound Surgery
8. What imagery comes to mind when you think of your brand identity?
a. P) Hi-tech/sci fi/medical
b. S) Sound waves, human body, technology, lenses focusing light, health, care, nurturing. Computational
9. Do any colors come to mind, either you like or dislike?
a. P) Cooler colours, "healing", so lighter blue is good.
b. S) warm blue, cool red(light)
Negative : green, yellow
10. Q10) How do you see your brands logo being used (on a product, packaging, apparel, web, etc.?)
a. P) Initially mostly to 'brand the company" to investors/funders, mostly website and pitch deck. Later a logo on the equipment. Later perhaps on a touchscreen to access information about core areas of the product/company.
b. S) At this point, just web presence, business cards etc. Not at the point of product just yet, I see the logo evolving in the future as we develop as a company.
11. What adjectives should best describe your logo?
a. P) Advanced, hitech, intelligent, healing, safe, trusted.
b. S) Warm, caring, subtle, graceful, strong, trustworthy, dynamic, sincere, confident
12. What other logos appeal to you and why?
a. P) Attached logo (the etiology group) is a great example. Looks hi-tech, shows the multiple components of many scientific areas that are used in the product.
b. S) Not Profound medical
Sonavation is okay, wrong market but similar tech. Colours not right (on website at least, this one is translucent). Aspects of focusing, soft feel but with acuity.



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