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I am a photographer specialising in black and white urban photography. I portray people in candid shots and objects that go unnoticed by passers-by. What I look for in a photograph of people is emotion; with inanimate objects, I look for *projected* emotion. In either case, I pay close attention to composition. Geometry and balance are important to me in Life and Photography.

I have opened up an online gallery where I will be selling limited edition prints of my photographs. You can see it here:


I strive to make my photography classic, timeless and stylish all at once. I use B&W with no bells and whistles as I want the content to talk for itself. I like humour and contrasts whenever I can find them, but never obvious.

I don't do "cute" photography, even when I photograph children.


I need a logo for my website, which will need to work in various formats. On the webpage it will say "World of Miserere" as in the attached example I have put together. But I also need the 'W' and the 'M' with the world/lens in the middle to function as a standalone logo recognisable in different sizes. These are the uses it will have:

1) As part of "World of Miserere" text on the webpage header.

2) As part of "World of Miserere" text on business cards.

3) As an 80x80 pixel avatar.

4) As a 16x16 pixel web icon.


I intend to sell to buyers who are interested in Photography for its content; they will buy my prints because they like the images I make. They will value the work I put into creating these images, and also appreciate the high quality prints I will offer. They are willing to pay the right price for the right quality and will likely be middle to upper class professionals in their 40's and 50's.

I take my photography seriously and want my clients to feel assured they are purchasing quality art, not snapshots. They will be proud of the prints purchased from me and will show them off prominently in their homes or businesses. I expect them to become repeat buyers and to refer other potential buyers to my site after they receive their prints.

They will be distributing my business cards to friends and relatives (I will include a few with each print) so the impression of professionalism has to come even before they see my website.


I'm afraid I haven't seen anything on the web that has really caught my eye.


The colours should follow the colour scheme of my website. I like the grey (#3C4242) in my example logo very much and would like to use it, but the dark yellow (#FFC400) could be changed slightly if you find another shade that works better (although I do like it a lot). The current header background on the website is #566063, but it could be changed to accommodate the logo colours, as long as it stayed in tune with the site's colour scheme.

I want sans serif fonts for "orld of iserere". In my example logo I used Lucida. I would like the O's to be circles. No flourishing fonts, please; there are way too many photography sites like that.

The example I've provided should be used as a starting point. If you can make a better looking version of it, go ahead. If you come up with something completely different that you think works, then go for it--I am certainly open to ideas. Propose a new colour scheme if you want; I can change my website colours to accommodate it if I have to.

In case my example is not clear, in the center, between the 'W' and 'M', the top half is a globe of the World and the bottom half is the front of a photographic lens.



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