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Software & Technology

About Your Company

A gamifed mentorship application, where students and professionals can find mentors on demand and in their area. Kind of like tinder for mentors, not dates. Target audience includes university
students, entrepreneurs and ambitious professionals.


Logo Usage
  • Screen / Digital

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  • Clothing

Preferred Logo Style
  • Image + Text

Preferred Fonts
  • Serif

  • Mono

  • Block Serif

Colors to Explore



Logo Text


Top 3 Things

1. Knowledge and wisdom
2. Professional help and career progression
3. Making the world a better place, giving back, helping others


Needs to look like an S/ have an S somewhere inside. Convey high tech/simple modern app logo.
We like bright colours, and streamlined, smooth shapes.
Should convey mentorship, cirlce of life, giving back, aspiration to a better world.
not too many details so logo does not lose quality if you shrink/enlarge it.
- needs to work in both colour and BW versions
- fluid, no sharp lines
- emotions to convey:: knowledge, wisdom, education, success, collaboration.
Ideas, shapes, and visuals you can use : Fibonacci spiral/Staircase (the point system is based on the fibonacci sequence/golden ratio), the chat box (think whatsapp), yin yan (S shape), maze (finding your way through mentorship), connection between 2 people

Additional Info

Competitors/ similar business: Linkedin, Facebook, Tinder, Bumble, Whatsapp, Youtube, Uber
Other logos we like: Shell, Shazam, whatsapp, Uber, Apple



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