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New LOGO!! OK I just had one campaign for a new logo and it did not quite hit the mark so we went back to the drawing board and came up with a more specific ask.

Look at the description below for the logo. We want a logo with the word FARROW and an ARROW to be incorporated into it. But to be clear we want a modern style that has a cool edgy look to it. So we are looking for creative fonts and to have the arrow go from the left all the way to the right. We want your input to find the right mark so please ask us questions. We had a little trouble logging in for a few day so we were not able to comment on the entries for a while but we are here now and will be able to participate from here on out.

I have attached some pictures of a mock up of what we are looking for. THESE MOCK UPS ARE THE BASIC IDEA OF WHAT WE WANT BUT THEY LOOK DATED AND WE WANT IT TO LOOK MORE MODERN.

The arrow in the images is a half an arrow going across the top of the word. We realized that we want an arrow that goes across the whole word like this or under it. The problem is these logos look like they are from the 90s and they also look a little too much like an airline. We want an arrow feel but modern like something from a modern looking company today.

The idea of the logo in the picture is that the arrow is cut in half, but is still an arrow. The logo has to give the memory ah hah moment but not look tacky or dated or old. This is to be modern and contemporary.

Also we want the arrow to go from the left to the right and not be too pointy. That said be creative. This is our passion and we want it to work well. Please improve on this design but follow the instructions we just gave.

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

We want tasteful and modern in style. This company must be able to be placed on a bill board along side other silicon valley tech startups and look modern and professional.
As a side note the arrow makes me think of moving forward or thinking of the future if that helps. The previous design is something we were happy with it was just the content that was tacky.

Do you have any other info or links you want to share?

attached is a few .jpg examples of my OLD logo as well as an animation of several ways that we used that OLD logo.

Here is my TEDx talk where I teach some memory techniques and talk about my businesses.



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