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We are a full service janitorial company. We provide daily office janitorial cleaning. Our primary customers are commercial office space, small businesses with their own buildings, manufacturing, any big space in need of frequent cleaning. We provide, floor cleaning, day matron, construction cleanup, bathrooms, etc. Anyone that needs daily cleaning and a stable and relaible maintenance crew. We don't take jobs that are less than 5 days a week. We have a very low turnover and the owner personally interviews every single employee. Other janitorial companies are often very large and have high employment turnover. We care about our employees, our work and our process. We care about our client's needs.


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Express Janitorial (Tagline:) Efficient. Effective. Established.

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Efficient, Effective, Established. Express


No comments here. For us, it is like a makeover, we don't know what we're going to get but we are excited about the prospects. We will be providing feedback on submissions throughout the contest.

Additional Info

I'm looking for national logo. This is something that should resonante across the board - for propsective clients, franchise owners, and employees. We are professional business and we have a vision of a bright, large future, our logo should represent that. We have included a file attachment that is the front of our proposals to our clients (keep in mind the name has changed to Express Janitorial). The owner likes this design, color, the whole picture. Use it as a point of reference for his taste. The best part of our company is that the name speaks for itself. We have great quality work and we are Express Janitorial. Quality cleaning and fast, reliable service. We do have a website (http://expressjanitorial.com/) but this logo is the first step in our process to develop a WHOLE new site. Use the site as reference if you want to learn a little about us but do not use for design at all as this will be scrapped and redone.



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