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Clinical diagnostics are moving towards minimally-invasive procedures that permit the early detection of disease, as well as the monitoring of disease status and treatment efficiency. These methods rely on the ability to detect red flags of disease, so-called biomarkers, in body fluids from patients. One promising source of biomarkers in body fluids is extracellular microvesicles (eMVs), which contain a sample of material found in the diseased cells of the patient. However, there are currently obstacles to the application of eMVs in the clinical setting, which include:

1) The efficient isolation of appreciable quantities of eMVs from various body fluids

2) The isolation of eMVs of interest from mixtures of vesicular material originating from multiple cell types.

These challenges highlight the pressing need to develop rapid and versatile disease-specific eMV isolation technologies that will permit the use of eMVs in clinical applications. Moreover, eMVs are anticipated to become the fastest growing area of research and translational medicine due to their usefulness in any area where repetitive and non-invasive collection and analysis of biomarkers from biological fluid is desired.

The Atlantic Cancer Research Institute and New England Peptide have developed a proprietary, patent pending peptide (Vn96) with specific affinity for molecules (the HSPs) that are present on eMVs. Importantly, the material captured using the Vn96 affinity peptide displays the markers and physical characteristics that are hallmarks of eMVs, indicating that Vn96 is a highly effective tool for the isolation and purification eMVs from cell culture media and human body fluids. Yields of eMVs purified using Vn96 prove to be better than other established methods of eMV isolation, as evaluated by protein content and nanoparticle tracking analysis.

The ease with which eMVs may be captured from cell culture media and biological fluids using the Vn96 peptide is unprecedented and cannot be overstated: many samples may be processed simultaneously using standard laboratory equipment with minimal refinement. Vn96 is a significant advance for the detection of disease biomarkers by minimally-invasive methods.

Use in diagnostics, monitoring of disease status and treatment efficacy;
Permits sample analysis from biological fluids;
Non-invasive or minimally-invasive;
No need for ultracentrifuge;
Sample processing in minutes versus hours.



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