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About Your Company

We are developing a product-line of 100% hemp fabric products. Clothing, shopping bags, backpacks, etc. Our focus is on high-end, no-compromise products made from only the best quality, heavy-weight, 100% hemp fabrics.
Our target market is hemp enthusiasts, and environmentally conscious shoppers.
Our goal is to also educate and inform the public about the earth-saving benefits of hemp.


Logo Usage
  • Print

  • Screen / Digital

  • Clothing

Preferred Logo Style
  • Image + Text

Preferred Fonts
  • Sans-serif

Colors to Explore


Logo Text

Renewable Sustainable Revitalizing

HEMP Spread the Word!

Top 3 Things

Environmental consciousness, highest quality


We are looking for a logo that melds the universal recycling symbol, with the image of a hemp leaf. The design must also contain the words “Renewable, Sustainable, Revitalizing”. In my mind's eye I picture the words in a circle around the logo, but I don't want to make this a design limitation if someone can come-up with something more creative.
The logo must be in a dark shade of green. And it needs to be reproducible equally well in 1-color only, as well as green with black outlines.

Additional Info

This logo will appear on our website and promotional materials, and will be printed or embroidered on our hemp fabric products such as tote bags, etc.
The fabric we will be using for all products is a pale hemp green color, so the logo printed or embroidered on a product needs to be a dark enough green to contrast well.
I thought about not including the words “HEMP Spread the Word!” in my project specifications, because what I am really looking for is the logo itself. But wherever the logo appears, so will “HEMP Spread the Word!”, so not only is it important for context, it might as well be a part of the actual design.
Most importantly, I don’t feel creative enough, or confident enough, to say this is exactly what I’m looking for. How might you work these words into the design that I haven’t thought of? You’re probably going to come up with a fabulous solution that is far more creative than my lame attempt.
Preferred formats are Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. I am experienced with both of these programs, so I'll be able to generate different formats and versions of the logo for different purposes, as long as I have high-quality originals to work from.




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