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emPower is a startup company located in the US with back office in India.

emPower is an e-learning, software development and Business Process Outsourcing company.

Mediscribes Inc. is the parent company of emPower.

We used the name emPower to signify that we will emPower the customers with the solutions we provide.

Please contact me on harry.p@mediscribes.com if you have any question regarding the logo.

A simple, attractive and clever logo!

The logo/identity should have a clean professional and corporate feel.

The logo will be used on all stationery, all the emails and on the websites. In fact we will start designing the website based on the color combination of the logo. So it is absolutely essential that the color combination is correct and the logo catches the eye.

Logo will be used on:-

- Business Cards

- Letterheads/Quotes/Invoices/etc

- Company website

It must work in all sizes - small and big.

The logo should NOT have gradients in color. Can have different (2-3 colors at the most) but not gradients.

We may also need to print the logo in B/W and the logo still should look crisp, clear and attractive.

It should be possible to embroider the logo as well.

The logo should be accompanied by a theme idea so we fully understand the concept.

All our Business customers coming from different industries and countries would be seeing the logo so it should have a universal appeal.

Any design that you guys put up I am sure will be the best.



We can't emphasize it enough: The logo should be simple, attractive and clever.

It should be pleasing to the eye and have universal appeal.

It must include our company name, though capitalization doesn't matter (whatever looks better).



Please no logos showing shaking hands or anything else cliche.

It should NOT be bland and unattractive.



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